Purchased Rice Cooker for My Mom

Purchased Aroma RIce Cooker for my mom

My mother’s birthday was close, but I had no clue as what to buy her which would make for a memorable present. I was thinking of something practical and something that she would like. Then, I remembered. I could buy her a rice cooker. As a family, we like to eat a lot of rice and instead of having to make it manually she would have a rice cooker to make rice for her. As such, it seemed to be a great birthday present.

The next day looked up on internet and read about different rice cookers available. The prices were quite different ranging from somewhat cheap to very expensive. Since my budget was limited, I decided to look for something affordable, but that would still be durable and fulfill the requirements of a good rice cooker. All of a sudden, I seem to stumble upon the right one – the Aroma ARC-1266F. With a very cheap price of only $27, this rice cooker claimed to make rice in only 20 minutes. Despite this, it also had a serving capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice, which alternatively meant at least 12 cooked cups of rice. With the added opportunity to keep the rice warm after it has been cooked, it just appeared to be the right choice for my mom. Several of rice cooker review websites including CHEF BRAZIL rated this very high. I finally decided to purchase this one, and wrapped the whole box in a wrapping paper.

Once I gave the present to my mother, she was completely surprised as she did not expect I would buy her a rice cooker. But she was really happy, and decided to make rice for dinner to try out the new Aroma rice cooker I bought her. In the end, I made my mom happy with this birthday gift and alongside her my dad as well. He will now have the chance to eat rice more frequently than before – considering he’s a big fan of rice. This rice cooker certainly was the right choice and I would recommend it to everyone.