I am looking to buy an espresso machine

I have seen many people telling that espresso isn't good for health because of caffeine. Truth is quite opposite. Espresso is good for health. I have done lot of research online and none of the authority website says espresso is bad. In fact every good website says well about it. But I want to be clear. I am not talking about excessive coffee. Excess of anything is bad. I mean it. If you are drinking 2-3 cups every day. That is good for health.

I am a big fan of coffee particularly espresso. Coffee can be prepared in variety of ways. You can make it with milk, without milk, hot, cold, with ice cream, without ice cream, with chocolate, without chocolate etc. If you don't know about differences, here is a nice article explaining about various coffee beverages. You can try all of them and let your taste buds decide which is best for you.

I have average size family. My Dad, Mother, Brother and daughter's. Their name is Angelica and Eva. Everyone including Angelica and Eva drinks coffee. I have a small coffee machine and its there with me from last 10 years. It still working but isn't capable of making coffee for whole family at one go.  So I have decided to replace my old espresso machine with a new one. I am in market for a stainless steel espresso machine. I have gone through all the espresso machines recommended by www.bestespressomachine.info and found  this machine is good enough for my needs. Yesterday one of my friends told me about one ecommerce site offer. They are exchanging old machines. You get some discount when exchanging old espresso machine.

I want a semi-automatic type of espresso machine. I don't want one touch machine. I want to customize my espresso according to my taste.  I already have a grinder. So I will be exchanging my old espresso maker with new one.

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