Best Juicer for Cabbage

Cabbage is highly nutritious vegetable. Juicing cabbage has number of health benefits. It contains potassium, iodine, sulphur and various vitamins. Research have shown that cabbage juice have ulcers healing capability. It also has very powerful anti-cancer properties.


Best juicer for juicing cabbage is Omega 8004/Omega 8006. It’s a single gear masticating juicer.Omega 8004 and Omega 8006 are identical except color. Omega 8004 is white in color and made of simple plastic; Omega 8006 is chrome plated. Cost of Omega 8004 is around $230 while Omega 8006 costs around $295.

It rotates at slow speed of 80 rpm. Slow speed juicers prevent enzymes and nutrients from being destroyed because no heat is build up during juicing process.  It gives high yield and produce very dry pulp. It also features auto pulp ejection. You can continue juicing nonstop. 


Now let’s talk about omega 8006 juice quality. Omega J8006 produce very clean and pulp less juice. Also juice tastes delicious and you can store it for longer times.
To juice cabbage simply chop it into blocks small enough to be inserted into feed tube. But beware you should not drink more than 4 oz of cabbage juice at a time. If you consume too much than you may feel gas related problems. It is best if you mix cabbage juice with some carrot/apple juice. It will taste better


If you have higher budget you may opt for twin gear juicers like super angel 5500 or Green star elite. Super angel costs around $1000;Greenstar elite costs around $550. Twin gear juicers will give you higher yield than single gear masticating juicers.