Ceramic Cookware Is Better Than Non-Stick

When shopping for non-stick cookware, the first thing you need to decide is what type of non-stick layer you want: Teflon or ceramic. According to The Foodista, ceramic is better. Why should we care what The Foodista says? The magazine accepts no advertising, buys all the cookware sets, and gets millions of opinions from its subscribers about their cookware sets reliability.

Teflon was first used on a cookware by Tefal in 1954. It is the material with the best non-stick properties and is most commonly used in cookware sets. This material has one of the lowest coefficients of friction. In fact, Teflon holds the third place from all solid materials known (preceded by aluminum boride and magnesium).

PTFE is a stable composite, which in normal conditions is not toxic. But after reaching 200 degrees it starts deteriorating, and above 260 degrees, it decomposes and starts to release some gases that are proven to be toxic, at least for pets. Meat cooks at temperatures between 200 degrees and 232 degrees and most of the oil used in the kitchen start smoking before reaching 260 degrees.

Ceramic cookware has gained ground lately, since they have almost replaced Teflon in many kitchens. Ceramic cookware is developed using the Thermolon technology, which is a sticky layer made of mineral inorganic substances with silicon and oxygen elements. When compared to Teflon, the ceramic layer doesn’t contain PTFE, and considering cooking temperatures, it can be heated up to 450 degrees without any deterioration.

Top ceramic cookware manufacturers such as Cook N Home always offer cookware that has a layer which is scratch resistant, even when sharp kitchen tools are used.

To conclude, both Teflon and Ceramic have amazing non-stick proprieties and are scratch resistant, but Teflon loses, when the discussion about the toxicity and how it affects the human body begins.





Purchased Rice Cooker for My Mom

Purchased Aroma RIce Cooker for my mom

My mother’s birthday was close, but I had no clue as what to buy her which would make for a memorable present. I was thinking of something practical and something that she would like. Then, I remembered. I could buy her a rice cooker. As a family, we like to eat a lot of rice and instead of having to make it manually she would have a rice cooker to make rice for her. As such, it seemed to be a great birthday present.

The next day looked up on internet and read about different rice cookers available. The prices were quite different ranging from somewhat cheap to very expensive. Since my budget was limited, I decided to look for something affordable, but that would still be durable and fulfill the requirements of a good rice cooker. All of a sudden, I seem to stumble upon the right one – the Aroma ARC-1266F. With a very cheap price of only $27, this rice cooker claimed to make rice in only 20 minutes. Despite this, it also had a serving capacity of 6 cups of uncooked rice, which alternatively meant at least 12 cooked cups of rice. With the added opportunity to keep the rice warm after it has been cooked, it just appeared to be the right choice for my mom. Several of rice cooker review websites including CHEF BRAZIL rated this very high. I finally decided to purchase this one, and wrapped the whole box in a wrapping paper.

Once I gave the present to my mother, she was completely surprised as she did not expect I would buy her a rice cooker. But she was really happy, and decided to make rice for dinner to try out the new Aroma rice cooker I bought her. In the end, I made my mom happy with this birthday gift and alongside her my dad as well. He will now have the chance to eat rice more frequently than before – considering he’s a big fan of rice. This rice cooker certainly was the right choice and I would recommend it to everyone.





Advantages of Owning Your Own Espresso Machine

A personal espresso machine is every coffee lover’s delight. There is a huge variety of espresso machines in the market to choose from. The Edge provide the best brands and a buying guide to help you choose the right one four your needs. And you can take your pick based on your convenience and budget.

There are various advantages of owning your own coffee machine.

  1. Firstly, hygiene. Baristas often go without properly cleaning their coffee machines for a good stretch of time. And you cannot blame them. They cannot afford to stop business and clean their coffee machines in the middle of a work day. When you have your own coffee machine, you can clean it as many times as you want to, no one is stopping you really.

  2. Every coffee connoisseur has their own favorite when it comes to coffee beans. And in a commercial cafe you may or may not get that variety. When you have your own machine though, you can always have your favorite coffee.

  3. With a coffee machine at hand, you can totally make your espresso the way you want to, with just the amount of crema you like. Some machines even come with a temperature and/or a pressure control to let you have more say on your coffee.

  4. You can experiment and make your own variations of cappuccinos and lattes, mochas and iced coffees, just the way you want. Add your own flavors, make them as strong or light you want- get creative!

  5. Commercial coffee is way more expensive. When you make your own coffee at home, you definitely spend much less money. A coffee machine is a one time investment that will help you save money in the future.

  6. And, how many cafes in your neighbourhood are open at 2 in the night when you are up late finishing assignments and desperately need a good espresso to give you the lift? A personal coffee machine allows you to have your coffee at any point of time, no matter how late or early it is.






I am looking to buy an espresso machine

I have seen many people telling that espresso isn't good for health because of caffeine. Truth is quite opposite. Espresso is good for health. I have done lot of research online and none of the authority website says espresso is bad. In fact every good website says well about it. But I want to be clear. I am not talking about excessive coffee. Excess of anything is bad. I mean it. If you are drinking 2-3 cups every day. That is good for health.

I am a big fan of coffee particularly espresso. Coffee can be prepared in variety of ways. You can make it with milk, without milk, hot, cold, with ice cream, without ice cream, with chocolate, without chocolate etc. If you don't know about differences, here is a nice article explaining about various coffee beverages. You can try all of them and let your taste buds decide which is best for you.

I have average size family. My Dad, Mother, Brother and daughter's. Their name is Angelica and Eva. Everyone including Angelica and Eva drinks coffee. I have a small coffee machine and its there with me from last 10 years. It still working but isn't capable of making coffee for whole family at one go.  So I have decided to replace my old espresso machine with a new one. I am in market for a stainless steel espresso machine. I have gone through all the espresso machines recommended by and found  this machine is good enough for my needs. Yesterday one of my friends told me about one ecommerce site offer. They are exchanging old machines. You get some discount when exchanging old espresso machine.

I want a semi-automatic type of espresso machine. I don't want one touch machine. I want to customize my espresso according to my taste.  I already have a grinder. So I will be exchanging my old espresso maker with new one.






Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush

You must be wondering what is BJS600XL Fountain Crush.It’s a new juicer from Breville. Then the other question would be what makes it so special that I am blogging about it. You are right Breville BJS600XL is something special. It is the first ever slow juicer from Breville. Till last month there were only centrifugal juicers in the market from Breville. But this time Breville has launched something new and first time. Breville which is a famous juicer brand has launched its slow juicer series. Breville BJS600XL Fountain Crush is the first model in this series. It’s a vertical masticating juicer. Price of this newly launched model is $399. It is exclusively available at Breville BJS600XL is shipped with juicing jug and filter cleaning brush. It has 1 year limited warranty and 10 years warranty on motor. Since this is a new juicer, you won’t find customer reviews now. But after few weak you can go to amazon to read its reviews.







All about Masticating juicer

The word masticating means "chewing". A masticating juicer extract juice by chewing and grinding the produce. Masticating juicers are sometimes also called slow juicer. This is because they rotate at slow speed. Speed of a masticating juicer vary from 80 to 100 rpm.

Next obvious question is why to purchase a juicer that rotates slow?


High speed juices produce heat during juicing process and kill several vital nutrients and enzymes. That is why many people prefer slow juicers.They keep all the nutrients intact in juices.


Masticating juicers also give high yeild relative to centrifugal juicers aka fast juicers. They dont waste organic produce and leave very dry pulp.


Another advantage offered by masticating juicers is ability to juice everything ranging from fruits, vegetables to leafy greens. A centrifugal juicer can't juice greens effectively.


Disadvantage of masticating juicers is that they are slow and they are litle tough to clean relative to centrifugal juicers.


Check out the best masticating juicers here





Best Juicer Brands

Following are the most popular brands of juicers


  • Jack LaLanne
  • Breville
  • Champion
  • Juiceman
  • Omega
  • Green star 
  • Super Angel
  • Norwalk


What we recommend?


We recommend Breville for centrifugal juicers, Omega for single gear masticating juicers, Super Angel/Green Star/Norwalk for twin gear masticating juicers.


To know the differences between masticating and centrifugal juicers read






How to choose a juicer

Choosing a juicer is not a easy task. There are so many brands and many models. This blog post will help you getting the juicer that fulfill all your needs.


We can divide juicers into main categories.


  1. Centrifugal juicers
  2. Masticating juicers

Centrifugal juicers are very fast and suitable for people with very busy schedule. If you want a glass of juice in few seconds than you should go for centrifugal type of juicers. Breville makes best non commercial centrifugal juicers in the market. Best centrifugal model from Breville is Breville fountain elite.


Masticating juicers are slow juicers. These kind of juicers are suitable for health and yeild conscious people. They make enzymes rich juice with yield. But these kind of juicers take time to make juice. Masticating juicers can be further divided into two subcategories.


  1. Single gear Masticating juicers
  2. Twin gear Masticating juicers

Twin gears Masticating juicers have two gears and hence give higher yeild than single gear masticating juicers. But they are little expensive. A twin gear juicer starting price is around $400. Norwalk,Super angel and green star make best twin gears juicers in the industry.Omega is best brand for single gear masticating juicer.







Best Juicer for Cabbage

Cabbage is highly nutritious vegetable. Juicing cabbage has number of health benefits. It contains potassium, iodine, sulphur and various vitamins. Research have shown that cabbage juice have ulcers healing capability. It also has very powerful anti-cancer properties.


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